Possible Ux Internship: Stratagem Ltd., LONDON WC1

Possible Ux Internship: Stratagem Ltd., LONDON WC1.  £90 per day one day, one day per week for 12 months, start date October 1st 2016
Stratagem Ltd are a small, but established business looking to develop a Ux allrounder to help create intuitive and compelling user experiences for their sports gaming and trading products.  The internship aims to dovetail paid work with university assignments.
The internship will cover the full-range of Ux activities – analysis, design, prototyping and evaluation – and encourage the use of the latest, industry-standard methods and tools.  The student will be supported in the selection of coursework and project topics by the Stratagem development team and the University course director.  These topics are expected to support Stratagem’s business and product development strategy.  The internship directly provides familiarisation with the company, its business and product development strategies, and entry-level participation in all areas of the business.
The successful student should have an undergraduate degree in Information Technology/Computer Science, and a strong interest is user experience, data visualisation, sports information, and sports betting.  Students with undergraduate degrees in business, psychology and/or design, who are also familiar with html, css and javascript are also encouraged to apply.  Strong potential for all-round ability is sought.
The student will be expected to work 1 day per week and to be paid monthly in arrears at a rate in the region of £90 per day.  An additional day per week  may be required for some final major projects e.g. agile, data gathering sessions, particularly over the summer 2017.
An important selection criteria is that the student has the opportunity to align coursework objectives with company needs, and that coursework and project topics are likely to include the following:
i.                     Production of a usability test report. Example topics for usability test include:
Execution popup: a) Preview page (what does a user want to see when deciding on whether to place a bet before a game?); Live risk / in-play page (what does a user want to see when trading a live game?).
ii.                   Develop a ‘new’ product concept, for example, a mobile app, or channels for social media awareness and marketing.
iii.                  Additional topics and tasks to be identified.  There are many specialist practices that could be deployed, particularly during extended ‘final’ or ‘major’ projects, such as: Information architecture; gamification (allowing users to predict results and compete with other users); ‘visualisation’; and modelling decision-making.
Please send CV and a covering letter in the first instance to Martin Colbert, Senior Lecturer, CIS, Kingston University (m.colbert@kingston.ac.uk) by 30th August, 2016, with a view to preparing a winning application to Stratabet.
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Industry-based projects 2015

internships in Government: hone your IT skills and make a difference

UK Government: the chance to make a difference and well into design and technology

This year, students completed final projects and/or internships at Lebara (mobile comms), UK Cabinet Office, Amaroo media, ProjectPublish and at start ups LingoHub (translation workflow) and the Wellbeing network (self-monitoring).  The project at the Cabinet Office was, we believe, the first ever application of the Government Digital Service manual to an internal project – now government workers can experience the benefits of an agile, user-centered approach, just like the citizen.  Well done AT!

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Industry speakers!! thank you very much for some great talks this year – Gabe Fender (Design Thinking, Goldman Sachs), Swetha Sethumudhavn (Field Interviews, Systems Concepts), Raida Shakiry (Branded Ux, Raida Shakiry Inc.), Angela Boodoo (Content Strategy, SFW)

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Shaken but not Stirred

Goodbye Ux 2014

Goodbye Ux 2014

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renting University accommodation

Rental agreements for University flats and halls run September to June (40 weeks), or September to August (50 weeks) http://www.kingston.ac.uk/accommodation/.  It has happened that some of our overseas students have lost their accommodation three weeks before they were due to complete their Final Major Project.  This is extremely awkward timing.  The ideal rental agreement might run for, say, 60 weeks – to allow for early arrival for induction and pre-sessional English language courses, and some extra time after hand-in for Induction.  KU does not offer 60 week rentals, so some students find new accommodation in June, others make temporary arrangements with friends, family and hotels to tide-them over/move around in August.   Either way, best to be forwarned, and prepared and check out the link to the university calendar on the KU accommodation site.

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Marking Prototypes

Do I need some new scatter cushions?

Open this Augmented Reality shopping app, and point it at an area of your office that needs brightening up.  Then, drag the possible purchase onto the camera output.  Any good? Looks super!  (Courtesy of DB, UxD(Content) module.

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Final Projects 2014

This year, final projects include the following industrial hosts and/or internships at: IBM, Foolproof, Serco, BoxUK (agile software consultancy) and Buckhill Ltd.  Projects hosted by students’ current employers include ones at: Sapient Nitro, University of London.

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Persuasive 2014, Padua, Italy


Last week, I presented a paper reporting the Google research work at this conference.  The paper was co-written with  ex-student from the Ux course Eleni Oikonomou, and Adam Oliver.  I took the chance to visit the Scrovegni Chapel.

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UXPA meetings

We’ve been to so many this year, I’m begining to lose track – Agile Ux, Persuasion and Psychology, Quantitative Data in Ux.  My personal favourite? The October event, I think – one graduate of the KU course organised, another presented, and  5 current students were in the audience! (Ok, the other 70-odd other people present helped as well!).  ‘Biggest Surprise’ was the interior of the Goldman Sachs building, and ‘Most Useful’ ? …. Tools for Optimising Ux


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Xmas fieldwork at Foolproof

foolproofLogoA local agency organised this event, in which groups of students were invited to find out how shoppers use mobiles to augment visits to the High St.  Anne and Aliaksandra carried the day, with interviews of London celebrities.  Bravo!  And a good opportunity to meet some established professionals – many thanks. more

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