Marking Prototypes

Do I need some new scatter cushions?

Open this Augmented Reality shopping app, and point it at an area of your office that needs brightening up.  Then, drag the possible purchase onto the camera output.  Any good? Looks super!  (Courtesy of DB, UxD(Content) module.

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Final Projects 2014

This year, final projects include the following industrial hosts and/or internships at: IBM, Foolproof, Serco, BoxUK (agile software consultancy) and Buckhill Ltd.  Projects hosted by students’ current employers include ones at: Sapient Nitro, University of London.

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Persuasive 2014, Padua, Italy


Last week, I presented a paper reporting the Google research work at this conference.  The paper was co-written with  ex-student from the Ux course Eleni Oikonomou, and Adam Oliver.  I took the chance to visit the Scrovegni Chapel.

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UXPA meetings

We’ve been to so many this year, I’m begining to lose track – Agile Ux, Persuasion and Psychology, Quantitative Data in Ux.  My personal favourite? The October event, I think – one graduate of the KU course organised, another presented, and  5 current students were in the audience! (Ok, the other 70-odd other people present helped as well!).  ‘Biggest Surprise’ was the interior of the Goldman Sachs building, and ‘Most Useful’ ? …. Tools for Optimising Ux


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Xmas fieldwork at Foolproof

foolproofLogoA local agency organised this event, in which groups of students were invited to find out how shoppers use mobiles to augment visits to the High St.  Anne and Aliaksandra carried the day, with interviews of London celebrities.  Bravo!  And a good opportunity to meet some established professionals – many thanks. more

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Changes to Use of Space

Going forward, the University will be charging the Faculty according to the space it occupies. Unfortunately, it was decided over the summer 2013 that dedicated spaces with ‘Usability Lab’ and ‘Digital Media Studio’ on the door are, alas, no longer affordable.  All spaces now have a more multi-purpose remit.  The usability equipment (a Tobii eyetracker and Morae usability testing package) is still permenantly accessable in the PRSB2021 on a ‘walk-up and use’ basis, and the same kinds of rooms are still bookable.   Upgrading your laptop and downloading some free stuff (see Reading List and Background/Preparation doc) means you can do user testing where you and your participants find convenient.

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Internship Opportunity 13-14

I visited We Are Experience (Holborn, WC1) Monday, and the agency may have internship opportunities in the design strategy, customer insight, interaction design space for next year.  If you are interested let me know – it’s never too early, or too late.


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Industry-based projects for 2013

These include; Caplin (trading software); Lumimobile (apps for mobile surveys); St Georges Hospital Radiology (workstation for medical image analysis).  More to come I hope.

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Smashing Ux Talk at Cambridge UXPA

smashing ux book

Martin attended Cambridge UxPA yesterday evening for Jes Allen and James Chudley’s talk about their very accessable textbook.

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thomson reuters

Martin and some students attended a London UxPA evening talk, hosted by Thomson Reuters.   The traditional, high stakes world of finance is getting to know its retail customers – an opportunity for Ux, I think.

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